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"Qui vit sans folie n'est pas si sage qu'il croit"-La Rochefoucauld

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Oh man, Dusty! You made my day! <3

If you guys don’t already know Voltaire -not the french philosopher XD- Aurelio Voltaire to be exact, you should give him a little try! His songs have a very unique atmosphere, Gothico-Klezmer-Tzigane-Dixiland-Folk full of crazy strings, and funny lyrics. You should start with ‘When you’re Evil’, his most famous title! ;)

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    OH MY GOOOOOD!!! I’M SO JEALOUS!! And so happy to discover he knows our dear Hat simulator game! This guy will never...
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    Fanotak continues to win at being the best person on the internet. Psycho and I met him at NYCC! He wanted a picture...
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    damn if I love your comics Fano that’s a funny song indeed