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"Qui vit sans folie n'est pas si sage qu'il croit"-La Rochefoucauld

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Anonymous asked: Fano, with your long hair and russian blood, you could totally cosplay Zhanna!

XD !! Что?!! Except I’m far to be as pretty buxom as her. I’d look like a bony, tiny-breasted Zhanna. That would be ridiculous =°_°=

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Anonymous asked: Hey thanks for helping me find Ben L'Oncle Soul! I've gone through his music with much enjoyment! Looking at his music video of Soulman, I thought TF2 and SFM immediately. 0_0 Please consider...

Oh! My pleasure! ;) I’m glad I made you discover this brilliant artist! It’s revolting though, to see that in France he’s only “nominated” during the multiple music awards we have, while he’s certainly WAY better than all the hgfzhgzhsug commercial soup they serve us on the radio…

ANYWAY! Funny enough I ever wanted to adapt this song as a SFM movie, but I’m scared of the possible Copyright Infrigement.. Unless I kindly write him to get his label approval, or use the cover I did.. But it wouldn’t be Ben… :’T